Leveraging on our extensive experience and track record, market-tested methodologies, comprehensive database and customised system for data retrieval and analysis coupled with an in-depth understanding of property market fundamentals and trends, we are able to provide our clients with prompt, accurate and reliable valuation advice which contributes immensely in the assessment and enhancement of property performance.

Accurate and reliable valuation advice hinges heavily on two key elements of ethics i.e. integrity and responsibility.  In this context our extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of the property market and thorough understanding of valuation methodologies are the key drivers for our team of experienced professionals.  Recognized practices are then expertly applied with the highest level of professional and ethical standards to form our impartial, objective and confidential valuation advice.

Quality of service is another key aspect which is accorded extensive importance in pursuit of delivery of service in accordance to agreed engagement mandates.  The highly experienced core valuation team is fully supported by various other teams within the firm, both professional and administrative, which provide a highly effective and efficient platform to promptly deploy resources to meet our clients’ time lines and to ensure deliverables are of the highest quality.

Our valuation expertise spans the entire spectrum of property, plant, machinery and equipment as well as other forms of tangible assets.  We undertake capital and rental valuations for various purposes which include financing, corporate exercises (Initial Public Offering (IPO), mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, etc.), accounting, insurance, sale and purchase, compulsory acquisition, rating (assessment), submission to the Securities Commission, Bursa Malaysia (Malaysian Stock Exchange) and other authorities as well as for various other specific requirements.  Each purpose has specific attributes and matters to be considered from a valuation perceptive and our clients are fully made aware of them at the outset in tandem with our holistic approach in providing property advice and solutions.