Market Research

The players in the property industry pay attention to our research and many look to us for credible data and in-depth market insights. We understand that the highly accurate and correct analysis of market data and research is the window into the future. We constantly gather data to provide high quality market intelligence. Research is a major pillar of our strength and a sign of our commitment to research is our computer resources and databases which have been in operation since 1977 and are an integral part of the company.

Our competitive edge lies in our superior market intelligence and objective analysis, which is supported by a sophisticated database. With a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of market cycles and future trends we provide practical advice to empower our clients to make the right decisions ahead of their competitors.



Strategic Consulting

We have a cohesive, creative and visionary consultancy division comprising mainly highly experienced senior personnel. We take a methodical and realistic approach to help our clients make the right decisions and we recognise that accurate and well informed advice reduces risks and costs, creates value, and improves performance and returns, so clients, which include governments, public and private developers, investors and corporate owners, can achieve their goals and aspirations.

Our development consulting includes market feasibility analysis, market research and impact assessments of proposed developments, development appraisals, financial evaluations and highest and best use studies, marketing strategies and market prospects.

Our investment consulting offers strategic advisory and due diligence related services to investors in relation to individual asset (re)positioning, refurbishment, acquisition/divestment strategy, portfolio strategy, portfolio structures/financing and occasional cross border investment advice.

Our occupier consulting capabilities help to align a developer’s or company’s property holdings with its overall business strategy. Services include: individual asset strategies, location advisory, accommodation and portfolio reviews and organisational strategy.

Our assignments do not only comprise the standard types of property such as commercial, industrial and residential, but also cover specialised properties such as: senior living accommodation and health and wellness centres, education establishments, exhibition and conference centres, entertainment hubs, resorts and entire townships.

The Quarterly

In addition to our regular reports and topical articles, we provide “The Malaysian Quarterly Property Market Report”, which is available on a subscription only basis. This unique report has been in production since 1991 and covers the three prime urban regions in Malaysia, namely: Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding Klang Valley, Penang State (Island and Mainland) and Johor Bahru (Iskandar Malaysia).

This penetrating, confidential report covers the main property market sub sectors: commercial, industrial, residential and hospitality. The promptness, accuracy and depth of coverage are what differentiate “The Quarterly” from other property market reports in Malaysia. Our team is heavily service orientated and part of the overall service includes a private, subscribers only, annual forum and a “help desk”, which is always available for our clients.